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       I remember always being excited to discover what new games and activities we would do for the day's lesson. From sitting in a circle and singing our ABC's to making sentences from a jumble of words that we picked out from a box, the Miami Lakes Montessori was a place of learning and fun. Since my Montessori days I have graduated from Design and Architecture Senior High School and now attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I am dual-degreeing in Art & Environmental Studies and Civil & Environmental Engineering, in addition to studying abroad in Japan for the Spring and Summer 2013 semesters. Did Montessori lead me to where I am now? It's hard to say, but what I do know is that Montessori taught me that learning didn't have to be boring. With engaging lesson plans and plenty of time to be silly, as a child I never thought going to Montessori was a chore!Janet Lorenz
Carnegie Mellon University 2014 |
B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering |
B.H.A. Fine Arts and Environmental Studies |

JOHN 1:16 - "Out of God's fullness we have all received Grace in place of Grace aready given"


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